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Started in 2007, Fee R. Kürtens solo-project Tellavision gave life to a sound genre which has been baptised: 'Hardware Post-Pop’, the space between pop and avant-garde.

Starting composing at the age of nine on keys and vocals, she wrote down singing harmonies by making up her own system of scale-writing to remember. At the age of 11 she started to write lyrics and perform with the female hip-hop trio Fab.4.Crew in Germany at Festivals so as Expo 2000. Later she moved to California, where she writes songs accompanied by guitar and singing. She started recording her debut after her stay and moved to Hamburg to study fine arts with Jutta Koether. The first Tellavision show took place ein 2010.

Tellavision´s debut album “Music On Canvas” was released on Feeding Tube Records in 2012. Followed by 'Funnel Walk’ (2013) produced at the Electric Avenue Studio recorded by Tobias Levin. Her latest album 'The Third Eye’ (recorded in Boston, US and released on Karlrecords, 2015) plays with her reception across different genres: too musical for an art audience, too arty for the musicians, taking in a wide range of pop-cultural references and rejecting them, to finally mash them up for new positions in contemporary arts that defy conventions.

Tellavision´s music is saturated with enthusiasm for disharmonic pop, with influences ranging from industrial, krautrock and 20th-century avant-garde music. TAV shifts and fills the space between high and low culture, breaking the borders and conventions in art and music. Her sound is atonal but poppy, with a dub-infected trademark, oppressive, dissonant, dynamic and expressionistic soundscapes. A wide scape created by a reduced set-up of analogue synthesizers, beats, percussive elements and fragmentary field recordings that go along perfectly with her elegic, soulful voice.

TAVs unique sound places her among like-minded advocates such as JOHN MAUS, Matthew Herbert and U.S. Girls.

Aside from her music activities, TAV is the founder her own platform 'Bloody Hands' (Blooha Unltd.) which has already become a home for several fine artists and musicians. She also creates mixed media-installations of and about music and painting, which led her to work together with several curators, engineers, video-, music- and fineartists, taking part in many art-exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Since 2007, she has released three albums, two Eps, several collaborations, played over 60 music festivals and toured all over Europe, Israel, USA and Centra America.

After a 2017 full of collaborations and prominent theatre works, the artist and musician Fee Kürten steps into 2018 with great news regarding an upcoming album for her long term solo music project Tellavision. The album is produced by Tellavision together with Thies Mynther (who worked with Dillon, Miss Kittin and Chicks on Speed). It combines the rough, artificial approach of Tellavision’s former releases with the accessibility and warmth of contemporary pop.

Tellavision brings a whole new live concept for the release tour of the new album in store. It will include a guest musician, the multiinstrumentalist Robert Kretzschmar, visual objects and a stage concept developed by designer Johanna Landt, whom Tellavision has collaborated with before in theatrical context. The shows, which will start taking place from late June and onwards, can be described as a hybrid of performance and concert, since they will combine theatrical composition and a presentation approach derived from visual arts. The production will be accompanied and documented by Sandra Trostel (known as director of the movies Everybody’s Cage and Utopia Ltd.).


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